Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith

Every time I flip through this book, I'm inspired to try all of the projects contained within. Accordion books, cake box books, coptic binding--the list goes on.

The design of the actual book is pretty great: raw bookboard, the spine covered with yellow cloth tape, the title embossed to look like it was done with a letterpress.

I love the letterpress design motif used throughout. Above is a section of the opening pages of the book.

The projects range in complexity--and really, the individual styles of books themselves can be pushed and played with to various degrees. Above are the steps to making the simplest one--the instant book, perfect for zines, or a one-off book on the fly. Even the design of an instant book can vary from a simple folded sheet of paper to some really interesting designs with extra cuts and folds. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

There are some really great examples pictured to illustrate the many directions you can take these book designs--they really provide some valuable inspiration and stepping off points.

I took a bookmaking class in college so I have a bit of a background in it but I never made anything as awesome as what's pictured here. Just looking at them makes me want to grab a piece of paper and start folding and cutting and drawing and gluing.


  1. Awesome! A little boy's face just lit up. Thanks for posting

  2. I was so happy to find this when I was looking for something else. Thanks so much!