Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hamburger Eyes Issue 011: Hamburger Ears

This issue of the photo zine Hamburger Eyes is comprised entirely of photographs of musicians. Hence the title of the issue, Hamburger Ears. Get it?

The issue is comprised of photos from various decades, from photographers of varying degrees of notoriety. I love how this often-seen Charles Peterson photo of Kurt Cobain is paired with an image of a marching band member*--infamous right alongside unknown. Everyone gets the same treatment.

Another great thing about this magazine is the layout, the way it's just filled with photographs printed right up to the edges. The one downside is that there's no index at the end detailing what's in each photo. So even though I feel like I should know who these two gentlemen are, I have no clue.

I love the top one--the cowboy boots, her hair whipping around. And that girl in the striped shirt? I wouldn't want to mess with her. (Although that guy seems to be enjoying the punch.)

Here's one by Jim Jocoy, which fits in right along with all the rest of the photos of L.A. punk scenesters found in his book, We're Desperate. (I'm not sure if this one is in the book. It very well may be.) And that is some pretty incredible hair on the left.

What an amazing baby picture. I wish someone had stuck me in front of some Black Sabbath graffiti when I was just a wee lass.

I'm really liking this guy's Devo tie. And the fact that he is surrounded by empty chairs.

*Actually, I don't really know who she is (due to the lack of captions). So maybe she's totally not unknown after all. Or not even in a marching band (and just dresses up like she is). But you get my point: religious cults and street performers share the pages with James Brown. 

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