Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two

Typically, Betty Crocker cookbooks are not the type of thing I buy.

But this one is illustrated by Charley Harper, so it's not exactly typical.

Harper's beautiful illustrations appear throughout the book. They're not quite as stylized as some of his classic work, but they're lovely nonetheless, and you can still spot some of his well known whimsical style. Observe:

As for the actual contents of the cookbook, it doesn't look particularly helpful. Most of the recipes are too simplified (i.e. "Make cookies according to directions on package of Betty Crocker mix"--wow, thanks a lot Betty). Either that or they sound absolutely disgusting. Take the above "Blushing Pear Salad". The two pears in the drawing are adorable, but dyed pear halves mixed with lime Jello on a bed of lettuce does not sound all that appetizing to me. Is that really what people in the 50s ate?

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