Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Andy Warhol: 365 Takes

This book features 365 snippets of Andy Warhol's life and work--his illustrations, silkscreens, films, obsessions, inspirations, collections, and so on. I forgot to photograph the spine but it's about 2 inches thick. When I first got it I had intended to read a page a day for a year in an attempt to cull some inspiration. Or something.

There are his skull paintings,

his obsession with tape recording every conversation he ever had,

images from his first retrospective, at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm,

an accordion-fold book of details from Warhol's Marilyn Monroe prints,

details from Warhol's "Thirteen Most Wanted Men" (as a side note, there's an interesting story about this at Luc Sante's blog),

bits of ephemera from Warhol's trip to China (note the photograph of Mao),

posters for various Warhol films, and so on.

Warhol's helium-filled silver "clouds" on the back

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