Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spiels of a Minuteman by Mike Watt

Published in 2003, this book contains an introduction by Mike Watt, lyrics to every Minuteman song, Watt's tour diary written on a 1983 tour with Black Flag, writings by Joe Carducci, Richard Meltzer, and Thurston Moore, and Raymond Pettibon drawings throughout. It comes in a cute little square package with a silkscreened front, back, inside covers, and flaps.

Published by L'oie de Caravan, a Quebec publisher, the book is written in both English and French simultaneously (English on the left side, French on the right). It appears that the French side is not always a direct translation of the English side of the spread.

The front and back inside covers feature a drawing of Mike Watt that I believe is based on this photo.

While perhaps not essential reading, it's definitely a nice package and an interesting read for Minutemen fans.

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