Monday, July 27, 2009

Billy Hazelnuts by Tony Millionaire

Tony Millionaire, creator of such titles as Maakies and Sock Monkey, is one of my favorite comics artists. His work is strange, hilarious, and unsettling at its tamest--more often, I'd say dark and creepy, maybe even disturbing (but always great). This book is the tale of Becky, a young girl and scientist, and her friend Billy Hazelnuts, who was created by mice out of suet, yeast, and mince-meat pie.

His drawing style is a mix of cartoonish and realistic. As evidenced by his work across the board, he seems to particularly love drawing old houses and ships.

Fantasy and adventure are almost always infused into his storytelling. In this book, Becky and Billy journey to find the missing moon while battling an evil steam-driven alligator with a seeing-eye skunk. Need I say more?

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