Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Greasy Spoon

Dave has a stack of cookbook zines that he ordered some time in the 90s, and we've lately been really into this one (don't mind the cooking stains). Not only does it contain a variety of good recipes (from the likes of Adrian Tomine, Julie Doucet, the late Lance Hahn, and other probably cool people), but the cut and paste layout is great too, with images from vintage cookbooks, comics, and more. I can't seem to find much information about the zine online, but it was put together by someone named Megan who at the time lived in Providence (according to the first page). I'd love to know if there were any more issues.

The zine contains recipes for entrees, spreads, sides, desserts, and cocktails (and it even has one for pet treats).

Julie Doucet and Adrian Tomine contribute the grossest-sounding meals of the book.

(See above comment.)

And then there are these fun little asides.

Again, don't mind the food stains--I need to remember to keep this thing away from the ingredients, since I probably won't be able to replace it!

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