Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boring Postcards USA by Martin Parr

This book collects vintage postcards depicting a variety of so-called boring locales: highways, gas stations, hotels, diners, shopping malls, banks, airports, etc. There is something strangely fascinating about the images, many of which feature locations that no longer exist--they're almost endearingly dull. The plain, kraft brown, no-frills cover makes a nice contrast to the saturated, technicolor beauties contained within.

Picturesque, indeed.

I have a thing for postcards of old motels (I've picked up quite a few of them over the years, at thrift stores and the like). I love the couple sitting by the pool, hands clasped politely, just waiting to greet their guests.

Can't you just picture it?

Did you know that Mondrian was inspired by French Lick Sandstone?

I like how the photographer tried to spruce this up with a sprig of flowers.

A poetic statement on the bleak uniformity of hospital rooms--oh, so typical.

Dude, check out the new wheels!


I think this one is officially the most boring postcard in the book. Or at least the ugliest. The blank white wall and puke-colored rug really don't do justice to the sofa. Or do they?

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