Monday, January 31, 2011

Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin

I've been wanting to delve more into textile printing lately, so I dug out this book that I've had sitting in my closet, more or less untouched, for about a year. I felt a little silly, as most of the techniques outlined seem so simple and easy that the fact that I haven't been using it points to pure laziness.

This spiral-bound book outlines various printmaking techniques, from stamping to stenciling to screenprinting, with basic descriptions of and suggestions for each method,

as well as specific projects employing each one.

The careful and clear step-by-step instructions also feature accompanying photographs.

I like the photos of all the various materials needed for each technique.

There's a little pouch in the back of the book containing all of Lena's designs, should readers wish to use them in their printing projects. While I like to come up with my own, it's a nice touch to include them--and a lot of the patterns are pretty nice. (My favorite is the one in the second image in this post.)

Now I just have to sit down and get to it.

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