Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Barry McGee

This 90-paged full-color book (which doesn't seem to have a title) is a record of a 2004 Barry McGee installation at Brandeis University. McGee, a San Francisco-based painter and street artist who is associated with the Beautiful Losers scene, has been influenced by Mexican muralists, hobo graffiti, skaters and surfers, and it shows in his art.

The book reflects the various aspects of McGee's work--his graffiti and paintings, alongside snapshots of detritus, urban blight, and desolate street scenes.

I love this one on the right.

The photos and graffiti help set the tone, but the best part is the paintings, the weird, abstract faces,

juxtaposed with bold geometric patterns.

This is a gorgeous book, full of color and life.

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