Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Atlas #1 by Dylan Horrocks

I loved Dylan Horrocks's graphic novel Hicksville, so when I noticed that there were a couple of issues of a new series on the shelves at my (at the time) local comic shop, I was pretty happy.

Leonard Batts, the reporter from Hicksville, returns, this time traveling to the fictional nation of Cornucopia to do a story on legendary cartoonist Emil Kopen.

According to the website, the series will cover "from Kopen’s peasant childhood in the mountains of Cornucopia to the cartooning sweatshops of New York in the late thirties; from the horrors of Nazi occupation to the hope and disillusionment of postwar Europe." Unfortunately, it seems like Horrocks has abandoned the series for the time being. Only three issues have been published, the last one having come out over three years ago. Hopefully he comes back to it at some point. I'd like to read the whole thing one day.

As always, such lovely uses of black.

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