Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Eye by Vladimir Nabokov

The Eye was Nabokov's fourth novel, written in Russian in 1930, but not released in English (in this edition you see above) until 1965. It's a very slim novel, just over 100 pages, written about a group of Russian emigres living in Berlin (which makes a lot of sense considering that in 1930 Nabokov himself was a Russian emigre living in Berlin).

I came across this copy of the book in a small crowded store in Northampton, MA. It's not in perfect condition but I love the cover art. Even better than the recent repackage.

I pulled off the dust jacket, revealing this mostly plain woven cover. I love Nabokov's signature embossed into the lower right.

There are a number of notes written in the margins in pencil. It's always interesting to me to read these kinds of notes, wondering what train of thought drove the person to write them down.

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