Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yeti Seven

I already wrote about the sixth issue of Yeti magazine, and I'm happy to say that the seventh issue is just as good, if not better. Featured inside are interviews with comic artist Jim Woodring, San Francisco-based bands the Nodzzz (by way of New Jersey) and the Wooden Shjips, book cover designs by Joe Brainard, a rare manuscript by Abner Jay, and more. Plus, the cover art is by Mingering Mike (apparently it's supposed to be President Obama as a boxer).

One of the more fascinating articles is about Nancy Dupree (illustrated above), a Rochester music teacher who recorded her students singing original songs about James Brown, Martin Luther King, civil rights, and other issues that were relevant to them. (At the time it was released on vinyl as Ghetto Reality, and can be purchased here on CD or mp3 from Smithsonian Folkways.)

And I couldn't resist including this, even though it's actually an ad found towards the end of the issue. But maybe the best ad ever.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Issue eight came out alright, too -- #9 is getting finished up right now.

    I sent this post to Eric from Criminal Records, the label that ran this ad I'm sure he'll dig it. It's a real good shop if you are ever in the ATL.