Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Misery Loves Comedy by Ivan Brunetti

The landscape of contemporary "underground" comics tends to be a dark and disturbing place--and I like it that way. Even so, Ivan Brunetti's work really stands out as especially angry, dark, and violent, in addition to being pretty self-deprecating. This unassuming cloth cover does not do much to hint at what's contained inside...

I cropped this one a bit but if I'd left in the entire page you'd also see a few panels in which Brunetti chops off his own penis and throws it in the trash.

He does tend to get a bit wordy in his self-deprecation. I have to admit I didn't read every word of every panel. It gets a bit tiresome after awhile.

This one really amuses me though,

as does this page in which he attempts to emulate Chris Ware.

I'll leave you with some good advice for avoiding those pesky telemarketers.

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