Monday, November 2, 2009

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Well, October was a bit of a wash for me, as I spent most of the month moving from one place to another (a gradual move, taking carloads of stuff here and there, has its advantages over doing it all in one long, exhausting day, but in the end after three weeks you just want it to be over). I'm still unpacking even now, but things are back to normal enough where I think (hope) I'll be back to updating this regularly. Anyway...

Of the many, many editions of Animal Farm available out there, this one might be the coolest. A little blasphemous, perhaps, since my company publishes several editions of it, but none of ours is illustrated by Ralph Steadman, the British cartoonist best known for his work with Hunter S. Thompson. Steadman's rather grotesque, ink-splattered style complements the tone of the book quite well.

The appendages on the lady pig are breathtakingly repulsive. Really, it's like Steadman was made to illustrate this book.

Adding to the list of incredible endpapers, I love this collage. I'd hang it on my wall if I could.

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