Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prattonia 2004

For most of my senior year at Pratt Institute, a photobooth was installed just outside the cafeteria. Anyone could use it, but its real purpose was for taking yearbook photos. I actually never submitted one but regretted it after seeing the book.

People did a lot of really interesting things with their strips, from drawing on them and scratching into them as in the above,

to creating an elaborate series of images, such as this guy shaving (well, pretending to shave, I'm sure).

These people have the most amazing facial expressions.

I love that someone included the Pratt cats, the many strays that roamed the campus. Some of the cats were pretty domesticated, surviving off the dishes of food left out for them by the staff, while others were kind of feral--I remember seeing one eating a pigeon and being a bit disturbed by it.

The yearbook also features sepia toned images taken around the campus. Above is one of the printmaking studios--not sure if this is the one where I had my various printmaking classes but it's pretty similar. Many of the buildings on campus are gorgeous turn of the century industrial-looking buildings--despite the fact that many of them were freezing in the winter I was always so glad I didn't go to a school with generic-looking gray-carpeted classrooms. (Well, I'm sure there were a few of them.)

I, like many it seems, used to cut through this hole in the fence behind one of the dorms that led out to Myrtle Ave, into the parking lot of a KFC, I think. At this point I'm pretty sure whatever fast food joint this was has been torn down to make way for whatever fancy new buildings the school is planning.

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