Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Major Arteries by Raymond Pettibon

For Christmas last year Dave gave me this new zine by Raymond Pettibon, made for the Los Angeles store Ooga Booga. It feels very handmade, with a color xeroxed cover and black and white photocopied interior pages, stapled down the spine. You get the feeling these were put together the old school way, on an all night trip to Kinko's. No slick production here--you can even see lines going through some of the pages, like the copier had seen better days. Such is its charm.

Pettibon started out drawing flyers and album covers for the early 70s L.A. punk scene, particularly for Black Flag, which included his brother Greg Ginn on guitar. He designed their iconic bars logo, as well as most of their album covers (the above scissors appeared on the Everything Went Black album). He has since garnered international acclaim as a fine artist, with works exhibited in major museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney, and so on.

I will always associate him first with the punk flyers (his early zines are incredible) but his work, while evolving and developing, has always retained the same style and essence.

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