Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wimbledon Green by Seth

This "sketchbook story" from comic artist Seth portrays the mysterious Wimbledon Green, a comic book collector regarded as the best in the world. Seth tells the story via the viewpoints and memories of dozens of characters--associates, enemies, and friends of Green, which successfully creates an air of mystery and legend about the collector. The tale involves a hunt for the mythical comic book The Green Ghost #1, perhaps only slightly more fabled than Green himself.

I've read some of Seth's other works, and am already a fan of both his storytelling and graphic style. But this book might be all the more enjoyable for me because it reminds me of a few record collecting fiends I know. As far-fetched as some of the events in the book may seem, it's not all that off the mark from some real-life stories from the record collecting world that I've heard.

Great endpapers that I believe are supposed to be frames from the ultra-rare comic that the characters are after.

Dedication page to Chris Ware.
Most of the comics contained within are series of small frames such as these. Some of them are simply interviews with the subject that barely change at all. But while it might not be on a par with some of Seth's other work (it's supposedly taken from sketchbooks for crying out loud), it's definitely worth reading (and owning).

All in all, it's a lovely package, with the paper-over-board, the brassy embossing, and the rounded corners. It feels good to hold in your hands.

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