Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love All the People by Bill Hicks

This collection of letters, lyrics, and routines from the late, legendary comedian Bill Hicks has recently been published as an expanded edition with a new cover* (thank God...err...hmm) and additional material. As for the latter, I hope it adds a little more variety to the text, as, while I love Bill Hicks, the book gets kind of repetitive. Much of it consists of transcripts of his comedy routines--and, no offense to Bill, but he told the same jokes often, and with little variation. So not only were they already familiar from hearing video and audio recordings of his standup, but I found myself reading over and over about rednecks and smoking and drugs and Satan.

Granted, not the worst read ever. I mean, this stuff is genius, even if it's the same genius printed up a bunch of times. Maybe it's best read a little at a time, rather than all at once. Yeah, that's it.

*Actually, I don't exactly love the new cover either but it's a step up from the muddy, slightly out of focus one on this edition.

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