Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saddies by David Stromberg

While interning for Soft Skull Press, I worked their table at the Small Press Book Fair, which more or less consisted of Soft Skull, Akashic Books, and a bunch of self-publishing weirdos. Seriously. The author of this book was tabling nearby and I ended up striking up an awkward conversation with him, which resulted in my buying this teeny little book of scribbled drawings with oddly humorous captions. (Please note that I was not referring to him when I made the remark about "self-publishing weirdos.")

After thumbing through the book again, it's not quite as funny as I remember. (Sorry, David Stromberg.) There is a definite obsession with Elvis wigs, and wigs in general.

This is the best one, I think.

I actually swore that I saw this guy working at Penguin years later. I always meant to stop and ask him if he was the author of Saddies but thought it might come off seeming a little weird, and now that guy, whoever he was, doesn't work there anymore anyway.

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